G e o S t a t
Geometry & Statistics in acquisition data

Geostat lab seminars

G. Attuel

  • Seminar given by G. Attuel at EPFL, Physics of Complex Systems Laboratory: "Cardiac fibrillation : an interdisciplinary puzzle" .
    Link to EPFL announcement,

  • H. Yahia

  • About a paper on operator meromorphic calculus. slides.
  • H. Badri

  • Sparse and Scale-Invariant Methods in Image Processing. slides.
  • S. Kumar Maji

  • Multiscale Methods in Signal Processing for Adaptive Optics. slides.
  • O. Pont

  • Donoho & Tanner paper on high-dimensional-regression universality. slides.
  • B. Xu and O. Pont

  • Singularity Analysis for Cardiac Arrhythmia Complexity. slides.
  • R. Dubois

  • Electrophysiologie cardiaque et trouble du rythme.
  • H. Badri

  • Image recovery from highly corrupted gradients. slides.
  • H. Badri

  • Fast sparse methods for edge-aware processing. slides.