G e o S t a t
Geometry & Statistics in acquisition data
  • Fluex. Fluex is a C++ library developed under Gforge. Fluex is a library in nonlinear signal processing. Fluex is able to analyze turbulent and natural complex signals, Fluex is able to determine low level features in these signals that cannot be determined using standard linear techniques. Gforge.

  • FluidExponents. FluidExponents is a signal processing software dedicated to the analysis of complex signals displaying multiscale properties. It analyzes complex natural signals by use of nonlinear methods. It implements the multifractal formalism and allows various kinds of signal decomposition and reconstruction. One key aspect of the software lies in its ability to evaluate key concepts such as the degree of impredictability around a point in a signal, and provides different kinds of applications. The software can be used for times series or multidimensional signals. Contact Geostat for the code.

  • classifemo. Classifies vocal audio signals. Classifemo extracts characteristics from vocal audio signals. These characteristics are extracted from signals of different type: initially these were emotion databases, but it can also process signals recorded from patients with motor speach disorders. The software can train usual classifiers (SVM, random forests, etc) on these databases as well as classify new signals. Link.

  • Upwelling-Seg-Index. Upwelling, SST image segmentation, temporal index computation. Link.

  • C++/Python/Java Code for super-resolving Sentinel-2 images, together with a plugin for ESA's SNAP software suit. Link for code, info, article. This software can also be accessed from official ESA web page.

  • Matlab code for image reconstruction from edges (article under review for Pattern Recognition, Elsevier). Zip archive.

  • Matlab codes for Glottal Closure Instants (GCI) detection. The readme file is inside the archive. Also contains some wav files for a demo. Zip archive.

  • Matlab code for Frontiers article on Atrial Fibrillation. Zip archive.